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    What to Ask a Professional Janitorial Service

    Posted on August 31st, 2015 by DJR Cleaning Enterprises

    If you have decided that a professional janitorial service could help your business, the next step is to find the right company for the job. The following are points to consider and discuss with potential cleaners in order to determine the best option.


    When talking with a commercial cleaner, you should ask whether the company is bonded and insured. This means they have insurance in case they get hurt, but it will also mean that if they damage your property their insurance will cover it.


    Experience is important in regards to hiring a professional janitorial service. The longer they have been in business, the more knowledge they likely have of cleaning different types of commercial spaces. Depending on the workspace you need cleaned, a newer company may not do the work thoroughly or to your standards.


    While you should check into any complaints online, you will also want to know how they handle complaints. If you have a problem with their services, you need to be able to talk to a representative who will listen, care about your problem and do what they can to solve it.

    Employee Count

    The number of employees may not seem that important to the quality of work. But if you have an emergency job or a specific timeline, it’s necessary to know they have staff to accommodate you.

    Direct Employee or Subcontractor

    It is essential to know whether the person going into your building is a direct employee or contractor. This makes a difference in their training and what insurance covers. A professional janitorial service should hire and screen their employees instead of using another company.

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    Done Just Right came out to clean my dryer vent. They were 10 minutes early which I loved and did a great job. I will definitely use them again. The guys were very efficient and friendly.

    Tami Moog Avatar Tami Moog
    May 24, 2024

    Professional, efficient and very customer friendly. I would recommend them to anyone looking to have their HVAC system cleaned and will definitely hire them back for the next recommended cleaning.

    Ernest Rosenberg Avatar Ernest Rosenberg
    May 2, 2024

    Needed my air ducts cleaned following a remodeling project. The house is 2000 sq ft. They cleaned all supply and return lines in my home. They also did the dryer vent line. The last one time the ducts were cleaned was about 20 years ago. The technician showed me that one of the supply lines wasn’t cleaned last time because there was no sheet metal sealing up the old hole. That was good to know. They also added a small hole to the runs to use an agitator in the duct. When they we’re done they closed up the panels and even taped all the seams. The extra cost and time to add that HVAC tape is a sign of a quality job. They seemed to have good equipment to do a good job. They spent a few hours at my house, really cleaning the lines well. I would recommend this company.

    Kim B Avatar Kim B
    March 26, 2024
    "I meant to call and Compliment the crew of 2 that came to my house. I definitely will call again for your services. Your employees are to be praised!"
    Marci-Glen Ellyn
    "We had guests over the day after and they all complimented our carpet and how new and "plush" it looked. Everything turned out wonderful."