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    5 Benefits of How Office Cleaning Helps Productivity

    Posted on March 27th, 2021 by Mike Corliss

    You’ve tried every technique you can find to boost your staff’s efficiency. What you might not realize is how office cleaning can help their productivity.

    The typical office desk is piled with paperwork and it’s also crawling with germs and bacteria. Discover 5 benefits of hiring us could keep your employees better focused. Contact DJR Cleaning today for your trusted choice in Roselle, IL.

    1.  Find Things Faster

    How many hours do you lose to daily search and rescue missions? When clutter covers the items you need, things only take longer to get done. Everything from scissors and phone chargers to fountain pens can quickly go missing. When you have deadlines, you can’t waste a moment clawing through everything.

    Hiring us to keep your office cleaner also reduces your search time for important items. Find what you need when you need it with a sanitary headquarters.

    2.  Fewer Sick Days

    Dust, pollen, germs, and shared illnesses all keep your staff at risk. Over time, your staff starts  to become sick and call out of work. Some days, it feels as though you don’t have enough staff to keep things moving smoothly. A better alternative is to fight bacteria at the source to keep your staff healthier.

    According to the EPA, most offices are more polluted inside than out. Shared spaces also become breeding grounds for germs. Make sure you do your part to keep your staff healthier.

    3.  Reduced Stress Levels

    Did you know that the clutter around your office could be causing your staff added stress? Researchers attribute higher cortisol levels to buildings that are littered. If your employees seem on edge constantly, it could mean that the clutter around them is stressing them out. A cleaner office building is one that everyone feels more relaxed in.

    When tensions feel high, look around for any signs of disorder. Maintaining desks and rooms free from clutter also improves productivity.

    4.  Higher Staff Morale

    Imagine walking into the office each morning with it looking and smelling fresh. Chances are, your staff also enjoys this and would feel a lot more chipper every day. Entering a place that smells old and musty isn’t inviting. Strong odors can also indicate lingering bacteria, which can make people sick.

    When your staff has a clean, tidy office, they work harder. Keep your employees healthier and happier, and hire us today.

    5.  Fewer Maintenance Needs

    When your devices get dirty, it also wears them out faster. Even ambient dust that has built up can restrict machinery such as your copier. Keeping your equipment cleaner means that they also operate more efficiently.

    Improving the productivity of your devices also means less maintenance and repairs. Get rid of ambient dirt, dust, and debris with our professional cleaners.

    See How Office Cleaning Helps Productivity

    Everyone knows the importance of sanitation, but not everyone practices it. In the end, office cleaning helps the productivity level for staff and equipment alike. That doesn’t mean that you have to tackle your chores alone. Rather than relying on your staff to do the cleaning, you can hire us.

    A cleaner office is a happier and more efficient one. Choose DJR Cleaning for your local cleaning company now.

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    Dave and his crew did a fantastic job with the carpet cleaning as well as the air-duct cleaning. They spent extra time to ensure that the job was done comprehensively and thoroughly. My basement smell great and the air in the house is clean. I am very happy with the work they did as there was complexity involved due to heavy equipment to bring in on a rainy day. They are on time and provided excellent service. I would highly recommend this company.

    Donald Nguyen Avatar Donald Nguyen
    August 18, 2023

    Super nice guy, did a great job. Got all the stains out. Very reasonably priced, would have no problem recommending to anyone.

    Joe Capparelli Avatar Joe Capparelli
    August 2, 2023

    Always professional, quick and courteous! They are great at getting out tuff stains in carpet! Highly recommend!

    Tracey Martinez Avatar Tracey Martinez
    May 31, 2023
    "I meant to call and Compliment the crew of 2 that came to my house. I definitely will call again for your services. Your employees are to be praised!"
    Marci-Glen Ellyn
    "We had guests over the day after and they all complimented our carpet and how new and "plush" it looked. Everything turned out wonderful."